Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Peacora

Welcome to Peacora

Our website is selling goods over the Internet and is run by Peacora’s Team. By communicating with our website and making any purchase, we expect that you acknowledge our terms and conditions. Read the general terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with your order.

Contract Formation and Order Confirmation

By placing an order on the Peacora website, you are making a commitment to purchase our jewelry. We reserve all the right to accept or decline your offer within 7 days. Once we accept your order, you will receive a confirmation email, your deal with Peacora is official, and the buying contract will start.

Product Availability and Orders

Our beautiful jewelry collection awaits your exploration that we carefully designed and picked for you. You will find out about the availability of the Product and how much the product costs right on our website. We also have the right to limit and maintain order quantity and update the product prices any time. We limit quantities and orders so we can clearly say "NO" to customers that don’t follow our website rules and regulations.

Delivery and Ownership

Peacora's dedicated team puts in the effort to prepare and ship your order as quickly as possible. We always update our customers on how long the order might take to reach your doorstep. Until your payment is complete the ownership of the Peacora jewelery remains with us. Once your payment is cleared and you made the full payment, ownership is transferred to you with no delay.

Intellectual Property Rights

We work really head to stand out with our jewelry's unique designs. Our designs, logos, pictures, text, and any other creative work belongs to Peacora. We reserve all the rights and not allowing anyone to use our designs, pictures, etc without our permission. We are accepting respect from you for our creativity. Any unauthorized activity like copying our design, trying to reproduce our work, and distributing our product without Peacora’s permission is strictly prohibited. The only way to use our intellectual property is with our written consent/permission on a prior basis from Peacora. Any other use especially for commercial purposed is considered to be a violation of intellectual property rights.

Returns and Right to Cancel

We want you to be happy when you made a purchase with Peacora. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the purchase. We have an easy-to-return policy for you (For more details check our Refund and Return policy). Even if you change your mind about the order. You can request to cancel the order within 7 days. But keep in mind this policy will not apply to customized items.

Payment Method

We make the payment at the Peacora very secure. You can choose any method that is available on our website from credit cards to online transfers to COD. We required your payment details for the easy checkout process. We always make sure that our customer's payment details will remain secure and protected so do not need to worry about security while making a purchase with us.

Data Security

As we are selling online so data security is our top priority at Peacora. While logging in on the Peacora website your personal and sensitive data is in safe hands and we treat your privacy and data with the highest level of care and protection. We have already taken all the necessary steps to make sure everything is safe so you can only focus on the Peacora Jewelry designs and love shopping with us.

US State Tax and Law Compliance

We at Peacora, follow the legal rules when it comes to taxes in the United States. While placing an order at Peacora the required taxes by the state are included in your order. Keep in mind that the tax rates can vary from State to State and even within certain local jurisdictions. This means the tax amount will differ depending on the custom shipping address as per the US state. Note: Do not forget that tax regulation can change over time due to legislative updates. So the tax amount will not be consistent and can change over time.


At Peacora, we consider ourselves responsible if we did something on purpose. If the items are not delivered on time, we delivered damage to the customers, someone gets hurt, the product isn’t safe to use, etc. But there are some limits and rules we need to stick to. We might not be responsible if the law says we cannot be blamed. This also includes the Peacora team if they are involved.